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  • Govindh Jayaraman

Conquering Fears by Being the Change She Needed

Fabiana Bacchini is an incredibly strong woman. She’s an entrepreneur, a life coach, and a part of the lifestyle and business blog for immigrant women,

In her Paper Napkin Wisdom, Fabiana tells us: The biggest fear is not that we are inadequate; it’s that we are powerful beyond measure.

This piece of wisdom has become Fabiana’s mantra after a long journey of self-doubt and insecurity.

Fabiana is inspiringly candid as she shares the story of her immigration to Canada, her fears of inadequacy, and the incredible struggle she went through in her journey to becoming a mother.

Have faith in yourself

As she shares her story, Fabi talks about the power of positivity and of sharing experience. During the worst of times, she began intentionally reminding herself that she was powerful, she focused on the good outcome. You have to have faith in yourself, she says, you have to believe in yourself and go for the outcome you want so that you can lead the life you really want with passion.

Fabi talks about the strength she found in helping others and how that restored the power she felt she’d been robbed of. “No matter what you’re going through,” she says “there’s someone who’s gone through that. You’re not alone, there’s always someone who’s going through the same thing or who’s gone through it, someone who can guide you and help you feel powerful going forward.”

“You’re not alone, there’s always someone who’s going through the same thing.”

Speaking with Fabi, you can’t help but be awed a bit. Whenever she found herself in a position where challenges were growing, she turned outward rather than inward; she sought others who were facing the same challenges she was and she tried to help them in their time of need. She realized that helping others, helped her become stronger and in doing so she discovered the inner power she firmly believes we all possess. It’s difficult not to agree with her. Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Fabi, in her time of need, did exactly that and now she’s committed to helping others do the same.

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