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Who We Are

We are a family who believe that if we all do a little something we can change the world. It all starts in our own backyards.

What We Do

We support giving back initiatives to people and organizations to embrace their journeys providing a positive perspective and memories towards unfolding their beautiful stories. 

Why We Do It

Stelios Nikolakakis and Fabiana Bacchini from Toronto, Canada, grew up in families who believed in giving back to their communities. As a couple, they were always part of charitable events, volunteering, and fundraising for different organizations.

Seven years ago, their lives changed when Fabiana was expecting twins and half way through the pregnancy they found out that one of the twins wasn’t going to make it to birth due to a heart condition. Six weeks later at 26 weeks gestational, Michael passed away and Gabriel was rushed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto,

their home for the next 146 days.


Gabriel was discharged on home oxygen. One year later, they received a diagnosis of hearing loss and cerebral palsy. The family had never experienced being the recipients of such generosity from like minded people.  For the first time, they became recipients of toys at Sick Kids, the unconditional support at Mount Sinai Hospital, equipment from Easter Seals and so much more.


Stelios, Fabiana, big brother Thomas and Gabriel embraced the challenges life threw at them and with grateful hearts decided to give back to the causes that have been supporting them.


“It restored our faith in humanity”, Stelios and Fabiana say. “We had never felt so much love and support since we embarked on this journey of prematurity and the challenges that come with it. We discovered a bigger purpose and that is helping others to embrace their own challenges through our philanthropic work”. 

How We Do It

We educate, we share our journey, we fundraise and empower others to participate in projects in order to better our communities.

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