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We are the proud sponsors of the Journey Bead Program.

Mount Sinai’s smallest patients now have a new way to celebrate milestones and acknowledge parent involvement in their care. 


Families wishing to participate in the Journey Bead program will be given a string with their baby’s name on it. As the days go by, beads will be added to the string for FICare  (Family Integrated Care) listed items like a parent’s first time holding their baby, participation in medical rounds and attending parent classes.


This program is a great way for families to keep track of how far they have come and to celebrate their baby’s milestones.

With the support of:


"The  NICU journey is comparable to an Everest ascent; you work with a team to make it happen, you can be completely sidelined by things out of your control such as the weather, the staff, the space.: each day has a new challenge, each night you sleep on the edge and then just when you think you are safe there can be deep unexpected crevasses. When you climb Everest the world celebrates your journey. When you are in the NICU you often struggle alone. We believe that each family who embarks on this journey should be celebrated and each step achieved deserves our recognition and support. You and your babies are amazing. We want you to realize just how amazing you are and how resilient and ferocious your baby is in joining you on this journey."

Karel O’Brien, Associate Professor and Staff Neonatologist, Mount Sinai Hospital

"The NICU Journey Beads are a magical way to celebrate not only baby’s NICU milestones, but parents participation in the NICU journey as well. Sometimes it’s hard to process everything that went on during a baby’s admission. This is a tangible way to show the world what both parents and baby accomplished through this experience!"

Kasia Pytlik, Social Worker and Parent Program Coordinator, Mount Sinai Hospital

"Thank you for making this possible. Without your support this would only be a dream ..this is helping families navigate the NICU journey one bead at a time."

Janet Narciso, Parent Resource Nurse, NICU

"To get through the hardest journeys we need only take one step at a time."

- Chinese Proverb

(please identify if you are donating to the bead program specifically)

We thank you for your donation.

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