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From Surviving to Thriving

A mother’s journey through infertility, loss and miracles


When the unexpected occurs and you are faced with circumstances that cannot be changed, you momentarily lose control.  Then you wake up and recognize that you have two choices: dwell on it or use your mind to rise above the situation. 


After living through an emotionally turbulent journey of infertility and the birth of one son, Fabiana was thrilled to discover that she was pregnant again, this time with twins.  She did not expect to encounter a tumultuous road until she was told that one of her twins had no chance of survival.  Then, only weeks later, she gave birth prematurely.  Her surviving twin spent months in a neonatal intensive care unit and later became a child with special needs. 


From Surviving to Thriving is about finding the joy; making the choice to see hope where others only see despair, pain, loss and sorrow.  The book teaches the reader valuable life lessons, including how to face any adverse event and find something to be thankful for.  One can only feel inspired and connected with Fabiana as she recounts how she took her family on a journey from surviving to thriving. 

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"I believe that sharing my personal stories in a book format will allow the reader to embrace their own stories and challenges, no matter what they are, as I invite them to look at them with a fresh perspective.  The books purpose is to inspire and motivate people to consciously decide to rise above their challenges. I hope you enjoy it!"


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“Whether you are experiencing life challenges yourself, work with those who are, or are just curious about the amazing capacity of the human spirit, this book will open your eyes and give you a new perspective. As you read it, you can’t help but feel your heart grow bigger with love and gratitude.”

Dr. Linda S. Franck / Professor of Pediatric Nursing, University of California, San Francisco

“Fabiana’s wonderful book intertwines the birth of her preemie son with her candid experiences of exploring the world to find herself, and her love and marriage. I could not put her book down. It affected me profoundly. Most people cannot believe that parents who have experienced difficulties and stresses paradoxically become stronger, feel better about themselves, and give more to society. Fabiana is a stellar example of such an exceptional parent.”

Saroj Saigal MD, Author of the book, “Preemie voices", Friesen


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